CloudFerro at FSK 2018

Forum Sektora Kosmicznego (eng: Space Sector Forum), held in Warsaw, is an opportunity to showcase the progress of the space industry in Poland. Among the exhibitors was CloudFerro, which offered information in regards to CREODIAS, as well as provided guidelines on how the space sector can further develop its data handling by means of cloud computing.

During this day filled with networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, there were special guests and representatives from the European Space Agency, European Southern Observatory and from the European Commission. Organizing the event was Związek Pracodawców Sektora Kosmicznego (eng: Space Industry Employers’ Association), which associates companies and public institutions.

Five years ago we had less than 30 business entities that identified themselves as the space industry, today there are over 300, most of them small and medium-sized enterprises - Jadwiga Emilewicz, Poland’s minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology.
The event received a lot of media attention, with publications in top Polish news media (polish source):