Allocation of floating IP numbers (if your cloud ID is less than 131)?

Allocation of Floating IP numbers takes place via the so called external networks.


Currently there exist two external networks:

  • external-network - - this is a new network with a bigger IP address space
  • external-network-old - - this is the smaller old external network with less IP addresses that are being exhausted


If your cloud ID is less than 131 all your floating IPs were allocated from the external-network-old. You can continue to use this network for a while but you HAVE to choose the right one in the form when you allocate a new floating IP.
WARNING! external-network-old is no longer the default value in the IP allocation form. You have to specifically choose external-network-old if you'd like to have a floating IP from the old external network (the one that you have used so far).
If your cloud ID is more than 130 by default all your floating IP numbers are already allocated from external-network which is a default network for any forms and no changes are necessary.
There is one important rule:
You cannot mix floating IPs from the external-network and external-network-old in one private network. You can assign a floating IP only from a network in which virtual router has a gateway configured (in the case of IDs less than 131 - from external-network-old).
So if you use IPs from external-network-old which you surely do - you cannot at the same time use the IPs from the external-network.
In the meantime, if your cloud ID is less than 131, we encourage you to migrate all your floating IPs to the new external-network, since external-network-old has much smaller number of IPs.
To migrate you have to perform the following operations on the OpenStack Dashboard:
  • disassociate all your floating IPs from VMs (Project→Compute→Instances)
  • clear gateway for a virtual router (Project→Network→ Routers)
  • set a new gateway from external-network for a virtual router
  • allocate and associate to VMs new floating IPs from the external-network
As you cannot mix the IP numbers from external-network and external-network-old, you will need to migrate all your floating IPs from a particular private network to the new external-network at once. You can't do this one by one.
If you encounter any issues or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support.