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How to use Object Storage?


It is highly advisable to put not more than 1 Mil (1 000 000) objects into one bucket (container).
More objects makes listing of the objects very inefficient.
We suggest to create many buckets with small amount of objects instead of small amount of buckets with many objects.

Be sure that you are signed in.

Go to: https://cf2.cloudferro.com/auth/login/?next=/
Choose the project



Open the "Object Store" pane



Choose "Containers"



Click "+ Container" button




Give the container a name "eg. C-01"



If you want to make the container available outside of your project, check "Public" checkbox and click "Create" button



You can now enter the container by clicking on "C-01" button


To upload the files to the container, click the "Upload file" button



You can use "Browse" button to choose the file you want to upload from your file system


You can share the link to the uploaded object by clicking "link"



Now anybody who knows the link can download the object



You can add folders in the container and upload objects to the new folders


You can create subfolders as well


You can add more objects on various levels