How to access VM from Windows (PuTTY)?

The link below shows how to generate and add rsa key pairs:

To connect via PuTTY, copy your Virtual Machine floating IP address and save it somewhere.

You can download PuTTY (putty.exe) from

Insert your Virtual Machine floating IP address into "Host Name (or IP address)".
Insert port number (for SSH it's 22).
In "Connection type:" check "connect via SSH".

Expand tree menu to access Authentication options (Connection->SSH->Auth):

Browse to your private key corresponding to your public key added to the VM during the process of ordering new VM (

For your comfort you can save the session for future usage by naming the session and saving changes.

Saved session will be seen below.
To start a connection click the "open" button.

If you are connecting to your VM via PuTTY for the first time, we recommend to save the rsa key fingerprint by choosing Yes (Tak) for future connections from your computer.

If there are no errors, you will see the following screen:

Login as "eouser".

If you logged correctly you should see at the bottom of the screen: "eouser@yourInstanceName:~$"

Now you are correctly logged into your VM via SSH from another host.