If you want to order some products, you should be logged into Finder, but if you don't have account, your first step should be creating account to creodias portal : https://creodias.eu/-/a-9-38?

CREODIAS store products that are divided into two groups - online and offline. Online products are stored in our repository and can be downloaded instantly. Downloading offline products is a different case.

When you want to find and download certain CREODIAS offline products, you have to change field "order products using" value to appropriate processor and select Processing Level in "processing level" field.

Offline products have status: ORDERABLE, it means that the product will be uploaded soon or have been deleted from CREODIAS repository.

To upload such product click on “Add” button.


Then you have to click on "Cart". To order offline product you have to fill in field "orderName" and press "Order".

After clicking "Order" this product will start to download on our platform. You can check status of your ordered products by clicking "Orders" button next to "Cart".


Keep in mind that Status (1) doesn't mean that your product has been downloaded, it only means that order that has X products that will be downloaded into our repository. To check which product has been downloaded into our repository you have to press button (2) and check its status (3)

When the "Status"(3) of exact product change to "done" you will be able to download your product.


First of all you have to clear all fields by pressing button "Clear all".


Now copy Product name of product you want to search, then copy it into field "Product identifier or path", and change field "Show:" from "only offline products" to "all products" and press "Search".


As you see your product now, the product is ready to be downloaded.

Exceptions, are products from the collection Envisat, if you want to order products with this section you should change field  "order products using " value to "Download: Copernicus LTA", next step choose the collection "Envistat", now select the products and download.