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"Generate keys tool" in Order a VM menu

Generating an SSH keypair in CreoDIAS Client Account Panel

During the order of new VM, there is a requirement to enter the SSH key used for a secure connection between VM and terminal. Keypair can be generated with ssh-keygen in Linux, PuTTYgen in Windows and in Horizon interface as well as in "Generate keys tool", appearing in Step 2 of the order procedure, or available under this link https://portal.creodias.eu/ssh.php

To generate SSH keypair please enter the name (or email) in the first frame. It is possible to secure keypair with additional passphrase (more than four characters), or keypair can be made without it (to do so, please leave the second line empty). The last option is a bit length of the key (if the value is greater, the key will be longer, and thanks to that, more difficult to hack by brute force method).

After clicking "Generate", a download window will appear, so please save zip archive in a convenient location.

The archive should contain two files:
-id_rsa (SSH private key, needed to authenticate the connection with another machine)
-id_rsa.pub (public key, please open it in notepad, copy, and paste on "Key" frame)

Attention: Be extremely careful while sharing your private key with others!!!